Is your school thinking of commissioning a condition survey?

Is your school thinking of commissioning a condition survey?

Can you afford to? Can you afford not to?

If there is one survey that every school in the UK requires, it is the Condition Survey. It is needed to ensure statutory compliance is being met in terms or Health and Safety at Work (1974); it is required if the trust is considering a Condition Improvement Fund bid; it is also best practice as stipulated by the DfE’s Good Estate Management for Schools guide and if it is over 5 years old, the information it holds is likely to be out of date and pose a number of unidentified risks.

The information contained in the condition survey report allows the trust to qualify and quantify the data and thus to create estate plans and programmes that assist the trust and mean it meets best value as well as ensuring maximum bang for its buck from its budgets and reserves.

Those schools who rely on the DfE’s Condition Data Collection (CDC) Programme surveys are now advised that these do not amount to a condition survey. The CDC is merely a gap audit that trust’s need to use to fully meet their statutory and insurance requirements.

Those schools who are still using the condition survey they inherited from their Local Authority are relying on information that they have not had independently verified by their own consultant.

As Chartered surveyors, Charles Garth, carry out condition surveys using an automated system that reduces time spent on site and any inconvenience to the school’s day-to-day operations. This lean service allows us to offer our clients a very competitive set of rates. We operate across the UK and can arrange a survey within five working days

We offer a fee structure based on the Gross Internal Area of each school and a discount to those trusts who commission us to conduct multiple condition surveys across their school sites. Each building’s fabric and key components are graded and prioritised in line with the DfE’s scoring criteria and any funding opportunities identified accordingly.

The report is produced within 10 working days and includes recommendations and a follow-up meeting with the school.

Charles Garth recognise the financial constraints that schools operate under and our aim is to offer exceptional value for money and act as the trust’s estate partner as well as aligning its vision with a fit for purpose estate strategy.

If we can assist you with any of your trusts needs, please contact us.